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Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Economy Bucket

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Manufacturer: Maldon
Brand: Maldon
UPC Code Or EAN Code: 5011428300059
Case Pack: 1 units/case.
Specialty Attributes: All Natural, Organic
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Maldon Sea Salt is presented as pure flaky crystals, which slowly dissolve leaving the palate completely refreshed. It is a pure and natural product without artificial additives, retaining valuable sea water trace-elements such as magnesium and calcium and is certified by the Organic Food Federation as an ?Approved Product?. Maldon is part of the Essex salt-making history. The attraction of Maldon for salt making remains the same today as it did hundreds of years ago. The combination of low rainfall, strong winds, bright sunshine and low-lying marshland produces good salty water. It continues to be hand harvested, using the same traditional methods handed down by generations of local salt makers, ensuring a truly natural product. It's pronounced and distinctive ?salty? taste means less is required, an advantage for those who wish to reduce their salt intake.

With its soft flaky texture, it is ideal for seasoning and lacks the chemical tang of common salt and artificial salt substitutes. Due to its great popularity with professional and home chefs alike, Maldon's is now available in an economic, bulk size bucket made of light plastic with a resealable top.

Each Maldon Sea Salt Flakes Economy Bucket contains 1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs.

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