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Frantoio di Montecroce "Corposo" (Full Taste) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Manufacturer: Frantoio di Montecroce
Brand: Frantoio di Montecroce
UPC Code Or EAN Code: 8056732600034
Case Pack: 12 units/case.
Specialty Attributes: No Sodium
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Mention the Italian Lake Garda and many things come to mind. It is Italy's largest lake with the distance around it measuring 158km. Its shoreline is dotted with picturesque villages and its diverse landscape contains beaches as well as rocky cliffs. It is known for its clear water, perfect for swimming, windsurfing, and sailing.

But the Lake Garda region holds a secret, which we were fortunate enough to discover on our latest scouting trip. It is home to some of the finest olive oils we have encountered in our travels. Lake Garda area is responsible for only 1% of the oil production of Italy, so its bottling are limited and most are maintained for local consumption. But the Frantoio di Montecroce has expanded enough in recent years to offer their rare pressings to the select few who have had the pleasure of tasting their beautiful golden elixir.

The Montecroce Old Mill was built 50 years ago in the middle of the green hills south of Lake Garda just outside the town of Desenzano. There the Ramanzini family process the olives from their own land as well as a careful selection of olives from smaller surrounding cultivations. The predominant olives of the region are Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino, Frantoio, Maurino, and Moraiolo. Their palate, instinct, and many years of experience motivate the particular blends they create with various combinations of these olives creating a perfectly balanced taste.

Montecroce Corposo (Full Taste) EVOO has a clear, brilliant color with delicate greenish reflections. It combines the delightful fragrance of fresh, unripe olives together with the pleasant aromatic and intense notes of artichoke and green tomatoes. In the mouth, it is full and seductive, very flavorful, generous, yet well-balanced. A grassy scent precedes a finale of the clear, clean flavor of artichoke. The predominant varieties of olives are: Frantoio, Maurino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino.

Montecroce Corposo is excellent with soups, grilled meats, brushchettas, legumes, and boiled potatoes.

Each bottle of Frantoio di Montecroce Full Bodied EVOO contains 500ml or 16.9 fl.oz.

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